Thermography South Seattle

Dr Mikel is so pleased to offer Alfa Thermodiagnostics as new tool for analyzing underlying cause of abnormalities in the body. This tool offers information for the clinician and the patient to approach health care with from a truly preventative approach that helps identify and prioritize treatment.

Dr. Lynn Mikel

Dr Mikel is a survivor of a breast cancer challenge and has become an expert in the field of breast health. She had several thermograms prior to her breast cancer diagnosis and several afterwards. Unfortunately some of those were done with a thermogram that only tests with thermal imaging/vascular change, image-camera thermography. Regulation thermography is a completely different science which is not the same as the Whole Body

Thermometry which is based on autonomic regulation patterns and the science of Regulation Thermography, a discipline that links specific temperature patterns emanating from internal organs, with a sophisticated expert knowledge database driven by mathematical algorithms. This provides a basis of information about underlying cause of abnormality in organs and glands related to inflammation, toxicity, infection, lymphatic and immune challenge.

Alfa whole body thermometry does not diagnose breast cancer, and neither does mammography. Only a biopsy can diagnose it (even though pathologists sometimes differ regarding what they see and interpret under the microscope). Early detection of abnormality and information about abnormality is in prevention and even more effective if provided with some indication of why abnormal and degree.

Following Dr. Mikel’s breast cancer experience and her reluctance to follow up with mammography she researched the thermogram differences and became educated in the benefits of Thermometry.
Through her personal experience and now training she is able to offer a tool that is she has found to be excellent at providing treatment approach that is preventative and supportive to maintaining breast health.

Her approach is holistic! When she was diagnosed …. her first thought was that something had to change. Digestive health is always at the cornerstone of health so diet and digestive supports were at the top of the list. Mal digestion eventually creates toxicity and challenge to the liver and detoxification. Detoxification supports and especially estrogen detoxification became an important area of support. Healthy hormones became increasingly related to healthy products used on the skin, hair and body, as many of those contained chemicals that exaggerated the growth effects of estrogen on abnormal cells. Personally her biggest area of change was in creating more emotional support and connections that improved self love and gentleness with her spirit.

Thermography fee is $250 to Dr. Mikel and $35 to Loren Jones . Please pay at the time of service and Loren takes cash or check only. Interpretation of the report should be scheduled separately on another day.