Time for an Annual Thermography Assessment!

We have been doing Thermography for over a year now!  We are getting  excellent results that are consistent with symptoms and treatment plan.  That means it corroborates what we have identified as underlying cause and priority of treatment by as much as 75%.  There is always something identified as a priority which adds to the thoroughness of the technology and value in  getting to the underlying issues.  For example if we are working on digestive health…. thermogram can indicate the priority of that problem and specify if it is related to enzyme deficiency, imbalance in flora or food allergies.  All require different focus for treatment.

There is usually unique information for breast and prostate. If there is no abnormal lab or physiology…. it is difficult to assess health of the tissue in absence of disease.  Thermography can indicates such stresses on breast physiology such as lymphatic drainage problem, fibroid tendency, impact of gut health, hormone imbalance and impaired immune protection… for example.  This is so valuable to recommend real preventative supports and be specific to the individual.

Email for more information and to get  your test done!  Preventative medicine at it’s best 🙂


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